Participant Information Sheet

You are invited to take part in a study involving the development of a smart computer monitoring and alarm system for use by doctors and nurses. You will wear a couple of devices (placed by the Research Nurse) which continuously gather information known as “vital signs”. The devices measure your blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation and temperature. These “vital signs” are used to assess your well-being and to detect sudden changes. They are like an early warning system. This information will be used by researchers to see if the devices and collection methods are good enough to use in real life.

The information that we collect (hourly) is extra to the usual measurements of pulse, blood pressure, etc., that are routinely collected in the ward. Your doctors or nurses do not need this extra information and it won’t affect your usual care. However, we will tell the ward medical staff if the changes we see are important. We will regularly be asking the ward staff what they think of your well-being and their views on the usefulness of the new (extra) system.

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