About The Project

The driving purpose behind this Precision Driven Health (PDH) funded project is to capture vital signs, from medical devices and wearables, and present it in a meaningful way to clinicians. PDH acknowledged the current gap in real-time vital sign monitoring and decision support systems currently available for clinicians. The connection needs to be made between patient deterioration and notifying the clinician in real-time so they can respond and take appropriate action. This project involves working closely with clinicians to solve the critical piece that is auto-escalation of deteriorating patients based on the National Early Warning Score.

We aim to empower clinicians via cross-platform mobile application that collects vital sign data from wireless devices in real-time to enable faster and efficient clinician responses to changes in vital signs and monitor patients from anywhere, at any time. The mobile app integrates with medical devices, clinical risk tools and calculators as well as evidence-based knowledgebase, empowering junior doctors and nurses by providing them with accurate decision support tools at point of care.

This project is closely aligned with a national programme to reduce the harm caused by failure to respond to acute patient deterioration. The Health Quality and Safety Commission of New Zealand (HQSC) has established a five-year programme from 2016-2021 to develop and implement systems that improve recognition and response to patient deterioration in hospitals.