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Empowering Clinicians By Collecting Real-Time Vital Signs

The driving purpose behind this Precision Driven Health (PDH) funded project is to capture vital signs, from medical devices and wearables, and present it in a meaningful way to clinicians.

We aim to empower clinicians via cross-platform mobile application that collects vital sign data from wireless devices in real-time to enable faster and efficient clinician responses to changes in vital signs and monitor patients from anywhere, at any time. The mobile app integrates with medical devices, clinical risk tools and calculators as well as evidence-based knowledgebase, empowering junior doctors and nurses by providing them with accurate decision support tools at point of care.


Project Roadmap

Health organisation maturity with clinical decision support capability

  • Risk tools and scores
  • Algorithms and calculators
  • Predictive models
  • Medical device
  • Consumer device
  • Patient reported outcome measures
  • Medical adherence
  • Long-term conditions management
  • Patient information
  • Discharge summary
  • Patient engagement
  • Patient experience
  • Virtual assistant / Health bot



JUL 2018 – DEC 2018

User experience – Medical Device – Ethics Application – Technical Architecture – Clinical Engagement – Development – Commercial Engagement


JAN 2019 – JUN 2019

Investigations – Development – Integrations – Enhancements – Ethics Approval – Feedback – Consultations – Wider Stakeholder Engagement


JUL 2019 – DEC 2019

DHB Validation and Evalution – Clinical Engagement – Commercial Engagement – Enhancements



JAN 2020 – JUN 2020

Analysis – Measure – Validate – Report



Discharge Advice – Medication Adherence – Patient Reported Outcome/Experience Measures – Patient Information – HealthBot – Virtual Assistant – Decision Support

Previous work

Vital signs monitoring is essential at every stage of the patient journey, from triage, diagnosis to discharge and transfer of care.


How Vital are your Vital signs?

Are we prepared to utilise the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and precision medicine – with the data we have today?

Project partners